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First Advisory: Modus Operandi

Our offering has an assurance of confidentiality and integrity, and what we have to offer is only what we ourselves would be attracted to. Our baseline ethic is of providing higher than expected value, and we then seek to build on that value day - by - day. We recognise that earning the trust of our clients is key to our success, and the well-being of our clients is foremost in our minds.

JKSE: 3 months


---- 50 day moving average


Corporate Finance

Our team has extensive experience in Corporate Finance going back 20 years. Our vast network of contacts in banking, energy, and other industry sectors puts us in the privileged position of being able to help with business ventures both here in Indonesia and regionally. We are uniquely positioned in the following areas:

  • Merger and Acquisition
  • Due diligence for buyers and sellers
  • Company research
  • Securing bank financing for business ventures, even in these difficult economic times
  • Enabling successful business connections with our network of contacts

Private Banking Solutions

Recent offerings we are able to distribute in Indonesia should be of considerable interest to investors, and are certainly the most reliable and beneficial for 2012, going into 2013.

Through our network of partners and representees, we are able to offer a wide range of funds at differing levels of risk, such as a fixed rate deposit fund guaranteeing a pre-informed rate of return, ranging from 5 to 12% over the past 8 years, distressed property funds, and a wide range of commodities and mutual funds from Zurich International, based in the offshore tax haven of the Isle of Man.